Crinkle x Nathan 1565 (Bravo x 4D Large)
Owned with Harrell Club Lambs

American Muscle

Fire Away x Duck Commander (Stud Duck x Stud Duck)
Owned with Franklin Club Lambs and Glasscock Club Lambs

Next Level

Drop the Mic x Polar Vortex x Burn
Owned with Rule Sheep Company and Lambright Club Lambs

Fire Away

Woodshed x Trophy Hunter
Owned with Franklin Show Lambs and Glasscock Club Lambs
Special thanks to Wade Franklin for allowing us to invest in this powerful buck.


Woodshed x Woodshed
Owned with Franklin Show Lambs and Glasscock Club Lambs
Special thanks to Wade Franklin for allowing us to invest in this unique breeding piece.

Fat Jesus

Bravo x Gentleman's Choice / Johnson 56 
$58,000 high seller from the 2016 Jerry Dale Family's Spring Sale
Owned with CLM Club Lambs
Special thanks to Brad Dale and family for allowing us to invest in this genetic powerhouse.

Grizz x Hurliman 1060
Owned with Harrell Club Lambs
Bravo x 4-D Large x Hurliman 1060
Owned with Harrell Club Lambs

War Paint
Rainman x Big Stick
Owned with Eagle Rock Club Lambs

South Paw
Scotty P (Public Enemy) x 2 4D

Elite (triple bred 4D large) X Mr. June
Miller the Driller x Cowboy
Bullet x Trigger
Bred by Brian Johnson

After the success that I have had with the Trigger genetics that I have purchased from Brian Johnson I knew I had to have a bullet son. Bullet proof has incredible body shape combined with a huge butt. He is super tucked up in his chest floor. Bullet proof is great boned and has awesome shag. Brian Johnson has a great set of lambs out of bullet proof on the ground.

4D Large x 4D Large Medicine Man 
Bred By Powercat Clublambs

We want to give a big thanks for working with Jim Nelssen on allowing us to purchase this young and exciting buck lamb. This one was  defenitley a ram that when we laid eyes on him we knew we had to own him and especially when we found out Creator was out of a ewe that we sold Jim we even got more excited. Creator mother goes back to our best ewe family on our farm, she is a medicine man daughter that has sold over 60k worth of sheep in her lifetime and still going.  Creator is made from the ground up super wide base at the ground, big square pin set, and still maintains great muscle shape. We also really like this guy from the side as he runs up hill a with having an awesome rib shape that is super round and opened up.


Rams & Reference Sires

Mastercopy x 3385 (Makers Full Brother) 
Bred by and owned with Miller Hampshires

We didn't get anything bred to this young and exciting buck last year, but this year we decided to open up the gate and see what this guy could do. Being Makers full brother we feel this buck has endless potential in terms of making great females and sires great weathers. He is really upfronted but still has a huge top in him and is really opened up in his foribe and still has great muscle shape!!
Goldmine X Ceo ( Maternal Brother To Trigger)
Raised By and owned with Glasscock 

A big thanks to CLM for allowing us to purchase this proven ram!! When we watched how much success CLM had with Golden Gun we knew we need to try Gold Gun!!

Dead Miller X Cesar
Masterpiece x Buckmaster 

When describing Untouchable, where do you begin? Is it the fact that he has produced three major champions (Res American Royal, Res Huston Stock Show, and Champion American Royal) in the last two years or is it the look that he has when you see him in person? Untouchable is one of the widest base sheep we have ever seen that still maintains structural correctness. The muscle shape that untouchable has is one will sure draw attention when you hit the ring.
Swagger x Reilly 
Co-Owned with Burch Livestock and MacLennan Club Lambs 

Spot is one of those sheep that has been a stand out since the first day we saw him. He is a sheep that you are excited when you see him set up but when you see this sheep in motion you are WOWED! Spots look is one that every breeder in the country is trying to find and make. We would like to thank MacLennan club lambs for the opportunity to own a sheep of this caliber. 
PBR x Tonic 
Co-owned with Skidgel Club Lambs 

Delicious is a ram that is backed up with genetics. He is sired by PBR, which is the 7/8 brother to Trigger. Then you add in Skidgel's Tonic ewe base on the dam side and you get Delicious a sheep that is so round body and shallow chested that you think he was drawn out with a pencil. This sheep also has a ton of natural muscles shape down his top and still cares into a huge lower stifle. And his base is built with the craziest amount of bone and shag that will surely grab a judges attention when you hit the ring.